Australia is crap because it has no soul
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People also think Australia is crap because it:
is up itself [crap good]
is full of wankers [crap good]
is overrated as a place to travel in [crap good]
has a shit government. [crap good]
makes you become an arsehole [crap good]
is over-governed [crap good]
stuck in the 1980's [crap good]
s people are arrogant [crap good]
is a giant desert suburb populated by retards in rubbish clothes who can't speak properly [crap good]
makes shit beer [crap good]
catches fire on a regular basis [crap good]
if full of Australians [crap good]
's not even a proper Western country- look at where it is [crap good]
follows every stupid fasion, and even war, that the USA exports. [crap good]
is run by the racist reminance of england and her zombies [crap good]
is full of surfers [crap good]
is overun by poms pretending to be aussies [crap good]
is full of animals that are determined to kill you [crap good]
Your Standing In It! :) [crap good]
has stephen conroy [crap good]